Officers and Directors


Gil Alba, President
Gil Alba is nationally known private investigator and security consultant forming Alba Investigations Inc., in 1998. He had a distinguished career with the New York City Police Department attaining the highest investigative rank, First Grade Detective and worked with the Major Case Squad and the FBI/NYPD Violent Crime Task Force specializing in difficult and unusual cases. His article “Missing or Murdered was published in PI Magazine and available in Diana Trepkov's book, Faceless, Voiceless.

Mr. Alba is a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, CNN International, BBC, PBS and many other news networks for his expertise when disasters occur, such as school shootings, mass shootings missing persons and terrorist acts. A one-hour documentary about Mr. Alba’s missing persons murder cases has been featured on MSNBC. He was chosen by the Associated Licensed Investigators of New York State (ALDONYS) as the “Investigator of the Year

Thomas Ruskin, 
Vice President - Investigations 
Thomas Ruskin has been the President of the CMP Protective and Investigative Group, Inc. for over the past decade. The CMP Group is an internationally recognized investigative and security firm with clients and corporations from around the world. Thomas Ruskin is a highly decorated former New York City Police Detective Investigator. He was responsible for Crisis Management for the Mayor, Police Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Operations and Crime Control Strategies for New York City. Mr. Ruskin is recognized as an international investigative, security and crisis management expert by various news organizations including NBC, ABC, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News Channel, Sky News and1010 WINS. 

Daniel Sepulveda, Vice President - Security 
Daniel Sepulveda is Summit’s Vice President of Security. He has over 26 years of law enforcement, executive protection, and security management experience. Dan develops and executes Summit’s corporate-wide security policies, standards, and programs, maintaining executive management oversight of security operations in Summit regional offices. In addition, he manages Summit’s executive protection and special events operations. Dan maintains close client and industry relationships.

Matthew Spaier, Secretary
Matthew Spaier founded Satellite investigations in 2005 and is the president. He has over 15 years experience in investigations and specializes in plaintiff personal injury cases. Satellite Investigations is a boutique investigation company that services personal injury attorneys. Their staff includes bilingual Spanish investigators and retired NYPD Accident Investigation Squad Detectives. Mr Spaier is also a member of Putnam County Bar Association and is a Partner for Justice with the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. He is also a sponsor for the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers.Mr Spaier has been a member of ALDONYS since 2007. 

David B. Spencer, Treasurer 
President of Briggs Investigative Services Inc., founded in 1991, David Spencer has a strong criminal justice background. He served for 20 years as a senior investigator for the State Office of Professional Discipline, getting his security roots as a corporate security supervisor for a multi-state retail business. His firm specializes in criminal and civil litigation, fire cause and origin, insurance, surveillance, and background investigations.

Mario J. Doyle, CPP, Chairman of the Board 
Mario Doyle has been a licensed private investigator in New York since 2005 and also holds a New Jersey Security Agency license. He is the Chief Operating Officer with Doyle Security Services (DSS), providing security personnel, managed and investigative services and consulting to clients throughout the metropolitan area. Mario has been active in fostering public-private partnerships with the law enforcement community and private security companies. His work with ASIS International includes having been a regional vice president for New York State and a former president for the ASIS Chapter that encompasses Long Island.



Regional Directors 

Louis Zaneri, Investigation, Region 1 
Louis Zaneri founded Ascent Investigations following a 27 year career with the NYPD.  He is an adjunct instuctor in police sciences at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Mr. Zaneri holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Admninistration from Fordham University.

Julie O'Brien, Security, Region 1 
Julie O'Brien is a Foresnsic Auditor at the Port Authority of NY and NJ.

Dennis Lyons, Investigation, Region 2 
ALDONYS Investigator of the Year 2008, Dennis Lyons is experienced in civil, accident, insurance, personal injury, general and trial preparation investigations. He is also a licensed process server.

Robert Auletta, Security, Region 2 
Robert Auletta is co-president of Summit, one of the New York region’s leading providers of reliable security services, with 2,500 employees providing professional security throughout the metropolitan area. 

Peter Zirolnik, Investigation, Region 3
Peter Zirolnik is the Founder and President of Zirolink Investigations, Inc., a New York based investigative agency established in 1977.  He has over 35 years of experience in the investigative field and prior employment in the insurance claim industry. His firm specializes in civil litigation, criminal defense, surveillance, matrimonial, and commercial cases. Peter is a member of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services and a Regional Director for ALDONYS.

Kevin Costello, Security, Region 3 
Kevin Costello is the President and CEO of Alert Security and Investigations, Inc., a growing Hudson Valley security agency based in Kingston, NY. Mr. Costello is a retired Lieutenant-BCI, with over 20 years of service with the New York State Police. Kevin has over 30 years experience in law enforcement on the town, county, and state levels as a Police Officer, Trooper, Criminal Investigator and Supervisor. He holds a B.P.S. degree from SUNY, and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Marist College.

Kevin Connolly, Investigation, Region 4
Kevin Connolly is the Owner of Armstrong Investigative Services and has deep roots in the Capital District area of New York. After a long and distinguished career in law enforcement, he opened Armstrong Investigations and Consulting Services with a focus on criminal defense and civil litigation along with criminal justice consulting services.

Anthony Strollo, Security, Region 4 
As a military and law enforcement veteran, Anthony R. Strollo is founder and president of Independent Security Services (ISS). His company’s licensed and trained professionals, many of whom are current and/or former military and law enforcement veterans, provide protective and investigative services. Before reporting for duty, ISS employees graduate from the Executive Protection Institute or other national or international professional training programs.

Leigh F. Hunt, Investigation, Region 5 
Leigh F. Hunt has been a New York State Department of State licensed private investigator since 1994. He is a retired major in the New York State Police and holds a master's degree in criminal justice. He previously served as chief of police in Syracure, N.Y. He can be reached at (315) 263-5044. Leigh is a Regional Investigative Director for ALDONYS.

Douglas M. Amann, Security, Region 5 
Doug Amann is the Manager of Investigative Operations at AMRIC Associates, Ltd. Formed in 1994 by former FBI Agents, AMRIC is headquartered in East Syracuse, and has offices throughout upstate NY and Florida and provides a wide variety of investigative and security services to the legal community, corporations and businesses, and the insurance industry. Mr. Amann has over 15 years combined experience in field investigations, training and case management. He has specialized in physical surveillance operations involving injury claims investigations as well as claimant interviews for verification of benefits. Mr. Amann is currently performing administrative duties that include staff oversight, quality control and client relations.

Richard C. Ingraham, Investigation, Region 6 
A New York State-licensed private investigator since 1979, Richard Ingraham served 14 years with the New York State Department of Corrections as a law enforcement officer. In his private practice, based in Rochester, N.Y., he specializes in insurance fraud, missing persons, background investigations, and surveillance.

Mark Garner, Security, Region 6 
Mark Garner is the Founder of MAG Private Investigations. From his many years of major case investigations during his time in law enforcement to the years of work in the private sector of investigations, Mark Garner of MAG Private Investigations has been recognized as a leader in many fields of investigations during his career.

Ron Coleman, CFE, Investigation, Region 7 
Ronald Coleman is a licensed private investigator and certified fraud examiner based in Buffalo, N.Y. He is president of Empire Protective Services, Inc., and specializes in conducting fraud, background, and missing persons investigations. In addition, Mr. Coleman is a former Internal Affairs investigator and can be reached at

Jeffrey Rinaldo, Security, Region 7 
Jeffrey Rinaldo is the founder and president of Buffalo Protection & Investigation, Inc., a security and private investigation firm in WNY. He holds a BA from Canisius College with studies in Sociology and Criminal Justice and has over 18 years of experience in security and investigations. Jeff is also currently a detective with the Buffalo Police Department. Website:

Thomas Willdigg, South Regional At Large Director 
Thomas Willdigg is a New York State Licensed and Bonded Private Investigato with over thirty one years of investigative experience. He is an expert at statement taking, interview techniques and courtroom testimony. TCK Investigations Inc. also does process serving in Nassau and Suffolk County and is a licensed Notary Public.

Scott Schuster, North Regional At Large Director 
Scott is the President of Servico located in Albany, NY. Scott's business focuses on strategic consulting, including business plan and sales strategy development. It focuses on advising new businesses on the formation of corporations and business structures, drafting private policies and structuring commercial transactions. Servico also offers private investigation services.



Active Past Presidents/Board Members

Theresa A. Balfe

John M. Beck, CPP

Joseph Biondo

Anthony B. Carter

Maerio J. Doyle, CPP

Jack Goldsborough

Bruce H. Hulme, CFE

Michael Hymanson

John F. Matula, CFE

Rainer A. Melucci, CFE

Robert S. Tucker

William Vassell

David E. Zeldin, CFE



ALDONYS Past Presidents

2013-14 Mario J. Doyle, CPP

2011-12 Theresa A. Balfe

2009-10             Robert S. Tucker
2007-08             Joseph Biondo
2005-06             William C. Vassell
2003-04             Anthony B. Carter
2001-02             John M. Beck
1999-2000         Dennis Langel
1997-98             Michael P. Hymanson
1995-96             Rainer A. Melucci
1993-94             John B. Goldsborough
1991-92             David E. Zeldin
1989-90             Robert M. Diamond
1987-88             Robert J. Cofini
1985-86             John F. Matula
1983-84             Louis A. Bommattei
1981-82             Bruce H. Hulme
1979-80             Victor C. Kaufman
1977-78             Max J. Binder
1975-76             Harry Goff
1973-74             George R.E. Aring
1971-72             James P. Laverty
1964-70             Miriam D. Oslar
1963-64             Bernard Warshower
1962-63             Jack H. Levin
1960-62             Edward J. Burke
1959-60             Walter Lovinger
1954-59             Edward J. Blaney
1953-54             Albert W. Berman
1951-53             Raymond L. Barnes
1950-51             Irving Shumbord